Monday, 1 October 2012

Give it up, Shahrukh!!!!- 4FTTFJF67TVG

As the whole media is trying its level best to create the best possible hype for King Khan’s “ Jab tak hai jaan”, I wholeheartedly feel that Shahrukh Khan should now retire from these romantic hero roles. I had been a SRK fan, and my college days were filled with this dreamy eyed man’s love stories. I was quite surprised to watch his “Swadesh” in which he truly proved himself to be a versatile actor. But then, things started deteriorating. His productions, business acumen, IPL all seemed to have taken over the actor Shahrukh and presently I feel by doing or rather trying to do the same old typecast lover boy roles, he is spoiling his legacy and spoiling my sweet nostalgia of him as well!

What you were

What you are

Shahrukh, here are the five reasons why you should quit movies:
Reason 1: You are a superstar first, actor second now.
Try to understand those poor directors- they cant even ask a retake from SRK now!! Lest you get hurt!! You are a superstar but acting like an amateur! Have you seen your own expressions in that Ra-One song “Dildara”?Man, you are not “involved” in acting now also! You are perhaps totally occupied in the back of your mind with the anticipated opening day collection of your movie or the endorsements of your IPL team when giving a romantic shot.  Come on, Shah rukh, your eyes were so expressive and innocent and now, they have lost that raw innocence altogether. That is because, you are a superstar now and more concerned to maintain your superstar image than to doing justice to the characters which you are playing as an actor.
Reason2: You Cant Handle too many things at a time.
This is not your problem, this is a human problem. We cant handle too many things at one time. Either you concentrate on IPL or your business or your acting!! You are ambitious everywhere and expert nowhere. You have lost your acting shine like a blunt axe which has not been sharpened since ages. You know your business well, but you are impatient!! You cant tolerate failure or cant compromise profits. So, even more than making a good movie, you are more interested in marketing the merchandizes of that movie and only achieving an opening day collection figure of Rs 100 Crore. How would future remember you SRK? As a great actor turned reckless businessman?
Reason 3: Your heroines are all gone!!
Your successful movies were not your own credit definitely! There were significant contributions from your heroines- mainly, Kajol, Juhi, Madhuri and Aishwarya. All of them are happily married and hardly doing any mainstream cinema now. Only Rani Mukherjee is remaining from your era and she is also seldom seen on the screen nowadays. You have to be paired with girls who were diaper-worn toddlers when your first TV serial “Fauji” was aired on Doordarshan. I think, enough is enough!
Reason 4: You have become too competitive with others
Definitely you are neither the first one nor the only one to start groupism in film industry. But you have definitely given it a new dimension. See your limitations- out of Johar and Chopra camp, you are very alone! You are less concentrating on your own work and more interested in Salman Khan’s new releases. Grow up, dude! Do something substantial like Swadesh and make us- your old fans, proud.
Reason 5: You have lost your look
You used to stammer, excessively overact in your nineties movies, but you had a charm. You were young, so all your nonsense could still be received with wide applause from the youth. You have grown old, but you could not find a different segment of audience for you. You still have to rely on the youth, and they have already found Hrithik or even younger, Ranbir- who is clearly a megastar in the making! You are trying to keep media in your hold, but isn’t this stunt exposing your insecurities more? When you made six pack abs, you looked like a roadside daily wage earner more, than a hunk which you wanted to look like. You did a stupid double role in that Chopra banner; still the specs and moustache avatar was better, but that spike haired, goggled look? Yaak…!
Give it up, Shah rukh! Concentrate on your business. You have that business acumen, only add some
 patience and you can leave a great business empire for your children.



  1. The Man Who Has Written This Article Is Bloody Fucking Asshole!

    Shah Rukh Khan Is The Best Actor In This Universe
    Got IT :/

    1. Hey, thanks for the compliments!! :) I am a big SRK fan mself and author of this article. Unfortunately I love his earlier work of 90s and early 200s more than his recent works like RBDJ or Ra One or Billu! If he proves me wrong, I would be the happiest person! :))

  2. I feel to showcase that he doesn't give up and he still looks young( that what he feels so) he continues to impose himself on us...Hence, no giving up until ur last breathe..:P So, we have to tolerate him, no other option, Jab tak hain gay khan...;)