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25 Hidden Gems with 25 Hidden Composers- With youtube links

25 years have gone by since Kishore Kumar has left us. I dedicate this article to all his fans worldwide and explore 25 Hidden gems from his illustrious career which he sang under 25 not so popular MDs of his time, but they are all worth listening if you want to delve into Kishore's singing prowess. Thankfully, I have checked up and found that the youtube links of all these songs are very much available. So, I will post the links for your reference here as well.  Music director's name is mentioned alongwith the song. I must say, each and every song is a gem!

  1. Tumhari berukhi se- Yauvan(1973)- Sonik Omi.

    Master Sonik was an assistant to Madan Mohan in the sixties and then formed a pair with his nephew Omi. You can find shades of Madan Mohan throughout this gem.
  2. Bheege hue aanchal se- Usha Khanna.

    Kishore sang almost 80-85 songs with Usha Khanna, but their combination has not been much talked of. This is an early seventies song, when many music directors switched vehemently to Kishore. A vocal treat from the master with sensualism unlimited.
  3. Chanda ki kiranon se lipti-Chitragupta.

    Chitragupta had worked with Kishore right from his very early days, 1950 to be precise. They continued working together for some time, but after 1955, like many other MDs of that period, Chitragupta also stopped working with him. Early 70s again, and as like many others, Chitragupta again started working with Kishore. And this is a gem of a song- romance at its best.
  4. Maine tumse kuchh nahi manga-Rajkamal.
  5. Woh ek dost jo mujhko-Vanraj Bhatia.

    Great song from Vanraj Bhatia.
  6. Woh meri taraf yun chale aa rahe hai-Husnlal Bhagatram

    Early days of Kishore and a wonderful tune by Husnlal Bhagatram.
  7. Badal kala koyel kali- Pradeep Roychowdhury

    Another music director hardly known nowadays. From the movie, Ang se ang laga le(1973). Forget the actors, enjoy the song. Super rendition.
  8. Tere liye maine sabko chhoda- Shyamal Mitra.

    Shyamal Mitra is a household name in Bengal, not so much in Hindi film industry. Great friends he and Kishore were. A big gift from one friend to the other.
  9. Teri duniya se hoke majboor- Prem Dhawan.

    Prem Dhawan wrote the lyrics in the first movie of Kishore as a playback- Ziddi(1948). Surprisingly, with such old relation and even after this great song, this combo had only one more song in their kitty- a mediocre duet from Kisan and Bhagwan(1974).
  10. Kabhi hoti nahi hai jiski haar- Babla.

    Kalyanji Anandji's brother Babla Shah made this shining gem from the movie Khara Khota.
  11. Zindagi hai tadapna- Chandru.

    A music director in oblivion now. Listen to this song, you may just get addicted to it for some time. Marvellous singing.
  12. Jab tak maine samjha- Jugal Kishore, Tilak Raj
  13. Jhilmil sitaron se naina- Sapan Jagmohan

    Sapan Sengupta and Jagmohan Bakshi had quite a few gems for Kishore. I chose this one of the last creations of them for the great singer. Beautiful composition, wish it had come in the early seventies!
  14. Sathi milte hai badi mushkil se-Jaidev

    Jaidev recorded only 6 songs in 3 movies for Kishore. This is his last solo for the great singer in 1975. Again showing the composer's maintenance of supreme quality in compositions.
  15. Baharon ka yeh mausam suhana- Ravi.

    Ravi had recorded around 20 songs with Kishore. I chose to mention this lesser heard gem from the mid 80s. Very delicately sung by Kishore, reminds me thinly of "Sama hai suhana suhana" by Shah brothers.
  16. Tera chehra mujhe gulab lage- Anu Malik.

    Now an established music director, Anu Malik, was a newcomer when the song was made in 1981. He must have been blessed to have Kishore as his singer in the recording room. Very sweet tune.
  17. Na zindagi mili- Basu Manohari.

    Basu and Manohari must have recorded nothing less than 300 songs with Kishore, but almost all of them as assistants to R D Burman. With their own identity as the prime composers, they recorded around 15 songs, both in Hindi and Bengali, with KK. This  Ghazal is my personal favourite.
  18. Andhe safar mein hum bhi tum bhi- Sharda.

    Sharda was primarily a singer under Shankar Jaikishen camp. However, she did compose in some movies, out of which, you can hear Kishore singing under her baton in Kshitij, Garibi Hatao and Mandir Masjid. This is the best of the lot from Kshitij(1974).
  19. Har haseen cheez ka main-Ravindra Jain.

    Jain sahab had around 50 songs recorded with Kishore. This is perhaps their first released solo from Saudagar(1974). Beauty.
  20. Kuchh bhuli hui yaadein- Ghanshyam.

    Alongwith Sonik, Ghanshyam was another assistant to Madan Mohan in the sixties. Listen to this and you can immediately connect with Madan Mohan style here. Movie is Jalte Badan(1973).
  21. Jawani ka yeh alam hai- Ganesh.

    Ganesh was the brother of Pyarelal from Laxmikant Pyarelal fame. Apart from being a hit song those days, this is also the only song where Kishore gave playback to Joy Mukherjee.
  22. Jeevan mein humsafar- Hemant Bhosle.

    Asha Bhosle's son created this mesmerizing tune for the King Kishore in the late 70s.
  23. Liye sapne nigahon mein- Hrudaynath Mangeshkar.

    Anil Kapoor must have been around 25 and Kishore around 55 that time. Cant even make out that such an elderly man is singing for this young man. The lyrics are beautifully penned by Javed Akhtar.
  24. Chup ho aaj kaho kya hai baat- Sapan Chakravarty.

    Widely known as R D Burman's assistant, Sapan Chakravarty made this nice song for the King.
  25. Kaun sunega kisko sunaye-
    Ved Pal.

    The movie Sautan Ki Beti was released 2 years after Kishore's death.

Do share your feedback on these songs. I am sure, many of you must have heard all these songs.


  1. Another hidden gem is by talented, yet under-rated music director Ganesh ( brother of Pyarelal of the LP duo)from the film Chalak. The song is "Dil ka nazrana le, mere yaar le, ye sachcha pyar hai, mera pyar le"

    1. Yes sir. But I chose to mention "Jawani ka yeh alam hai" from Ganesh as that is a solo and " Dil ka nazrana le", a better song indeed, is a duet with Asha Bhosle.

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  3. You are right, but Kishore's duets have a special place in the annals of hindi film scene.A duet from the film Putlibai deserves a mention, since it was regularly broadcast on Vividh bharti in 70s.Music by less known Jaikumar Parte ( jaan hazir hai was another film in which he gave music )."Mere meet bata, tujhe mujhse kab pyar hua aur kaise"

    1. Ahh,, what a lovely reminder of that beautiful duet from Putlibai. Yes, there are some very beautiful duets of Kishore from obscure MDs. Basu Manohari also gave some beautiful Kishore Lata duets like "Aa humsafar" and " Wada karo jaanam". Lovely input, sir!

  4. Another great composition was by Nitin Mangesh in Qaid,"ye to zindagi hai, kabhi khushi hai kabhi gham"

  5. I heard before some song's but nt all of them, all r great song's specialy "Jab Tak Maine Samjha" was just superb nyc lyrics great composition I just love DADA's Voice Such A Magical Voice He Was Hav I LOVE JUST HIM not b'coz of just his voice He Was Such A GREAT HUMAN BEING & GOD FOR ME.. <3

  6. I heard before some song's but nt all of them, all r great song's specialy "Jab Tak Maine Samjha" was just superb nyc lyrics great composition I just love DADA's Voice Such A Magical Voice He Was Hav I LOVE JUST HIM not b'coz of just his voice He Was Such A GREAT HUMAN BEING & GOD FOR ME.. <3